Thursday, November 4, 2021

Sponsor Note

This site does not have sponsors because no one has offered to be a sponsor.  Here is a great tip from personal experience and he is "12 minutes from Ann Arbor" (he says).

Google Ziad AmeriSave.

I had no idea I could refinance my home for under 2% with no appraisal and no escrows.  Others couldn't do it but Ziad Tamimi did it.  Aside from a web glitch, it was easy and electronic.  Ziad is experienced and is a really nice guy.

AmeriSave offered the best product and Ziad provided the best service.  When the website failed, Ziad told me there is no back room...  He makes it happen and you'll be glad you chose him.  Give him a call or send him an email, and like me, you may find yourself with a refinance that is almost too good to be true. 

I agree with the reviews here:  these days it is rare to have a real person on your side. 

Wait, the story gets better.  This is not a typical sponsor plug.

For me it was--stress the past tense--deal that was too good to be true.  I did my best to see it through, but everything about it is a bonus.  If it happens my life is simpler and I make a lot of money; if it falls through, I have invested nothing.  I don't even know if I would argue about the non-refundable deposit.

I wasn't sure until the last minute.  At 9AM on Saturday Staci knocked on my door.  An hour of mostly chat later, it was done.

Like Ziad, Staci Quintanilla is someone who I hope thrives at what they do.  Just about all you can do these days is find someplace online to pay your living respect.  Wow, Staci is set up for that.

I had known the word notary, then AmeriSave offered my Saturday in my home, but I had no idea I would be getting a document preparer, counselor at every stage, deliverer, sender, and everything else too.  Unbelievable.  She did, and led me through, everything.  I don't mean to disparage notaries, but she did a lot more than just witnessing and attaching a seal, and I hope she get paid for it.

"Loan Signing System certification."  Such angels exist?  That is a line from Frasier, before Daphne showed-up.  I'd rather just do my best here, but I'll tow the line and express it here too.

Two-percent interest rates aside, this is the reason the S&P 500 is up 20% a year for the last five years and technology is still king.  I was around 25 years ago when it basically started.  At that time it was possible but still very much wishful thinking to make sales or or perform services through a website, cellphones, and mobile workers.  When it all comes together it is a thing of beauty.  Those who succeed where others fail?  See above.. 

The boom of the last five to ten years cannot last.  It is industries like this, those that have adapted and succeeded in the new economy, that give me optimism.  Maybe you can do it even better and faster...  And you can reach people who didn't have access before.

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