Monday, November 8, 2021

Two of the Biggest Head Coaches in College Football

Hassan Haskins has a point:  legs cannot get CTE.  In every other respect, I wish him the best because he is indispensable on the field.  He would also be a major positive even if he were not on the field, but if that is what he chooses, I hope he has a short and hugely-successful career.

The other thing about Michigan football at this stage of the season is Aiden Hutchinson.  First he impressed by rolling through and over others in the backfield, now he is dancing?  I cannot explain it but that is the visual.  If you run at him, you will be clobbered.  If you do it somewhere else, somehow he will have an impact too.

No one can tell what they will get with Penn State; James Franklin is as close in terms of college football to Jim Harbaugh as you can get.  Black Shoes Diary includes a piece saying the home, overtime, loss to Illinois was the worst of the Franklin era.  Harbaugh and Michigan have already had a number of those.  Like Wisconsin, when Penn State is on they are as good as anyone.

James Franklin will no longer be a household name if Penn State loses.

Last year didn't exactly happen as expected for Michigan fans.  Michigan was relatively healthy Covid-wise.  Penn State was 0-5.

Michigan did not look inspired, by the Michigan State loss or otherwise, against Indiana and, as good as Haskins is, he cannot do it all on every play.  More to the point, Michigan did not look like a team ready to win the Big Ten East.

It is futile to try and predict a nonexistent injury report.  Others can analyze Michigan's path to the championship, but I think if Penn State wins, it will all be for dreamers.  

Both teams have the tools to do it even with a  depleted line-up.  It doesn't take a statistician or blogger to see that at 3-3 in the Big Ten, Penn State is out of it.  I still do not think Michigan will beat Ohio State at home, but if Michigan wants it badly enough, they can beat Penn State.

Please, don't play McCarthy  unless you are 20 points up or he has orders not to pass.  Macdonald, hold a stopwatch in your hand as a mental reminder if you have to!  Just like against Michigan State, if Michigan loses, it will be on the coaches.

Fool me once...  Penn State 31 Michigan 15+6+6=27

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