Saturday, March 6, 2021

Michigan and Michigan State Playing Basketball

But first, this:  "There were young girls everywhere, on the Summer side of life."  It is a shout out to Les Miles, and just like the title, clickbait for sure.  But please, don't ban Gordon Lightfoot.

I will always remember Miles for his dyed hair and self-promotional stints during actual games.  Anyone who thought he would win at moribund Kansas without the talent in Louisiana knocking on the door was crazy.  Besides, he was already washed-up.  The teams were still pretty good, but as I recall, he was lambasted for moronic clock management, playing as boring and conservative as possible, and not winning the big games.  

The irony is Miles was never a credible, engaging, or likable personality anyway.  He had to be the big cheese and he never was.  Maybe in Oklahoma.  Today the players are the stars.

At the very least, or most, depending on how you look at it, he will get a retirement nest-egg at 67.  At LSU, I would think they would have better things to do than investigate their own corruption from eight years ago.


The real point here, before they play again tomorrow, is to look back at Game 1.  I watched live and was not real impressed.  I was wrong.  Sometimes we let other things from the real world--I was busily working on three countersuits at the time--get in the way of watching a college sports game.  We want kill, kill, kill and revenge, revenge! for everything at once.  I'm not that kind of rabid fan.  I just wanted Michigan to play hard and to play their game, both of which, when combined can be very good.

They did.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

It was 5 o'clock in Evergreen, Colorado when the game started.  The records do not matter.  It is war.

Michigan was humiliated by the Ayo-less Illini.  Livers knows.  We'll see if Franz from Berlin can grasp it.  Same goes for Mike Smith via Columbia and Brown from Florida and Wake Forest.

This is war.  And incidentally, we are in a pandemic and, for those fortunate with health, a little agitated.  The football team laid a giant egg.

Tom Izzo is despicable, but he will beat you.

It doesn't even matter who is ahead.  So far I don't see Staaaa's strategy.  Michigan centers have two dumb fouls.  But Michigan is locked in.

The pizza is hot and fresh.  The beer is cold and icey.  It is 7-2.

While Michigan is leading, so far a couple of Spartans look like the best players on the court.  

You know what?  Isaiah Livers is fantastic. Recently, however, he is not the one-on-one, beat anyone, first round draft choice we all thought he can be.  Still, I have confidence over the next 1 and three-quarters games.

Dickinson was the most motivated and effective player against Iowa.  Same goes for the lousy team performance against Illinois.  Still no Wagner, Livers, Brown, or Smith.  I will say it until I die, no team is going to win depending on Austin Davis.  Without Hunter Dickenson this Michigan team would not be in the top 10.

Look, there is no question, Michigan players are going to try.  I am not sure about the NBA-style isolation.  Brad Underwood was the better coach.  I think the risk is there against Michigan State too.

Aaron Henry.  He is the best player on the court.

Probably Michigan will win.  They are not a top 5 team.  The growth has stopped.  They are still only and absolutely eight deep, and that includes subs Brown, Johns, and Davis.  It is much too reminiscent of Michigan football--the starters never come out; those on the bench don't progress or transfer.

I missed it.  What was the ESPN Michigan win prediction?  Against Illinois it was two-thirds or 67%.

Still, it is war and it is fun to watch.

Now Johns is playing the 5.  The rest of the team is doing OK.  It is almost as if they are more empowered.  37-28.  39-28.  

Still a half to go and we'll see.  You can't always thrill people.  A 10-point win, if it comes to that, is success.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Illini @ M

So, we missed the first half of the first half.  ESPN News is unavailable; to give ESPN just a little bit of credit, they did not use the entire transition for commercials.

Michigan and the Big Ten are big ratings.

The best player in the whole world is not playing for Illinois.  That, according to coach Underwood.

Back to the game.  It is going to end at 40-40 and heaven help the next game on TV.  Generally, when it is close it favors Michigan.  Most teams do not have the talent to stay with Michigan for a whole game.

Cockburn, I know.  He is the one who brought Illinois back to to better than average in the B1G.  Brad Underwood, how did he turn it around?

Right now Wagner is not in the lineup.  Neither is Livers.  Illinois is dominating; the place is dead quiet and nothing seems to be piped-in.  If Michigan doesn't turn it up they are going to lose.  What is with the lineup, is this some kind of overcoaching?


Michigan is getting some steals and turnovers now.  They are still on the verge of scoring about 20 points in the first half.  How can you win if you don't score?

It is understandable, a little letdown against Indiana.  But this one?  Michigan looks bad.  The Illinois second team is out-hustling them.  Michigan is standing around.  They are having trouble with the Illini gameplan; Michigan is being outcoached.

27-20.  29-20.  Every Michigan player has made a dumb play:  Johns, Jr., Wagner, Brown, Jr.  I have yet to see Michigan get a rebound.  Or make a 3.  I have seen a lot of Illinois players open under the basket.  Mike Smith is not playing or doing anything either.

33-22.  Now I am listening to the experts and I hate it.  I'd rather get a Ph.D at Baylor or West Virginia.

It is like watching a Jim Harbaugh-coached Michigan team.  Minnesota is 13-12, 6-12 in the Big Ten.  This game is like reliving that only loss which was a blowout.  Tonight this Michigan team doesn't have it.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rutgers at Michigan

I am waiting for the Rutgers game to start.  Blame FS1.  The game was supposed to start an hour and a half ago.

The team is good although the same may not be true about Wisconsin.  Luka Garza looks like some kind of ape related to humans on the gorilla side.  Iowa-Wisconsin is the pre-card bout.  Dick Vitale must be 100 years old.  Why is he begging for money?

Back to Michigan bball.  The recent game at Wisconsin was the Badgers' to lose the whole way and they did just that.  It happened because, man to man, Michigan had more talent and enthusiasm.  I don't think I have ever seen a Michigan team--basketball or football--play harder.  A few Wisconsin players had excellent games, but down the stretch Michigan's size and experience shut them down.  Aleem Ford, Micah Potter, and D'Mitrik Trice could not keep it up, so to speak, and the rest of the Badgers did not play up to Sunday primetime.

Ok, the announcers who probably are not at the game are too much.  Iowa--Wisconsin also at home--is winning handily.

Ninety minutes are almost up but we will travel in time and extend it.  A soccer game.

Juwan Howard, in his early career as head coach, has shown an impressive ability to relate to young players.  Of course he is in a favorable situation with ambitious seniors, some of whom he recruited as transfers.  But remember, some good players such as Colin Castleton, left.

In terms of the team make-up, Livers and Wagner want to go pro and get the most out of one more season; Smith and Brown want to capitalize on their last seasons.  Dickinson is an obvious pro in the making.  Brooks and Davis too, this is their last go 'round.  The team is motivated.

There is a huge difference between Michigan basketball and football.  Michigan basketball wants to make the most out of sitting around and enduring Covid.

Rutgers at Michigan.  Right now it looks like a combination of tough breaks, sloppy, overconfident play, and Rutgers desire are working against Michigan.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Michigan basketball gets creamed by Minnesota

Going in the prediction was Michigan -4.  I tuned-in to see why it was so little since the first one was not close.  I remembered it well--Minnesota has the gunner guard and 7-ft center who barely showed-up.

That one started with Liam Robbins smacking Michigan center Hunter Dickinson in the jaw while shooting at close range; Dickinson hit the deck.  The rest of the night was a runaway in Michigan's favor.

It is OK that Dickinson didn't have his best game.  You can't expect that every time from a freshman.  But the rest of the team didn't do much either.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

On Jim Harbaugh

Why fire Don Brown if you are not staying?  

For those of us who will always follow Michigan football, there was a season this year.  Michigan was hardly involved.  I don't even know why their season ended after five or six games.

Despite the terrible, unmotivated team, the recruiting class held mostly together.  There are some large holes, e.g., defensive line, however.

The whole thing is about as stupid and lame duck as a president who doesn't give a shit about anyone else but himself.  The transition from John Beilein to Juwan Howard worked out fine.  If you don't want to stay, go.  The confirmed, real news (Detroit Free Press and Detroit News) is that another huge, multi-year and many millions contract is on the table.

NFL owners are bigger retards than college football fans.  Who knows if one will offer him.

So John U. Bacon says it is 80/20 Harbaugh will stay at Michigan.  I say it is 99/1.  Given his ego he may believe he could be successful again in the NFL.  That same narcissism, like Trump, will not allow him to accept defeat.  

He will not leave Michigan with a losing record (this season; 2020).  He knows that his legacy will be ruined and he would not be welcomed back.

At first I thought, if the NFL, there would be no better option than the Lions.  That would be impossible with Detroit fifty miles from Ann Arbor.

The clock, or the calendar, is ticking...  Every day he waits it looks worse.  If you are enthusiastic about it and are all in, do it.

Over the last five years under Harbaugh there have been some glimmers of hope, but generally the team has gone downhill since the first year with Jake Ruddock.  As the existing player talent departed, it got worse.  Coaching turnover has been high.  Can Harbaugh turn it around?

I doubt it.  That appears to be what is in store.

Right now the defense looks very thin for 2021.  Come to think of it, so does the offense.  There just are not a lot of stars.

Christmas (MBB and Harbaugh too)


Sports is way less important, as has been proven by the pandemic.  Less important than what?  The answer is just about anything.

Watching a basketball game for two hours, for instance, is not much different than viewing a movie, except that it is live.  Being a fan has few benefits.  Adulation of the players lost its glow long ago.

Merry Christmas,

Later today Michigan will play Nebraska in basketball.  They will travel to Lincoln.  Everyone else should stay where they are at but the players, the head coach, and everyone else who is nothing more than a hanger-on will participate also.

The game will give me more time to spew about Michigan football.  Firing Don Brown was predictable because blame-the-assistants has happened before.  Harbaugh runs a clean program and he is a .500 college football coach.


Bert Bielema to Illinois.  God what a business.  We'll have to wait three or four years to prove it was a failure.

Therein lies the problem with Jim Harbaugh  There is no one better.  

As for Don Brown, the problem was talent, in terms of recruiting, development, and attrition.  The latter two are less so--it is recruiting and talent that led to his downfall.  You have to go out and get the guys and a few dark horses from New England are not going to cut it.  It is like the corporate executive who wants to sit at his or her desk and direct things; sooner or later you have to get out and sell.  No one is that smart.

Specifically, there is a wide receiver recruit, via juco, starting at safety.  The two cornerbacks are not high-level Division 1 talents.  A walk-on is starting at middle linebacker and the two others--this was supposed to be a strength for the team--are not playmakers either.  

Carlo Kemp, a linebacker recruit from the 2016 recruit should not be starting or needed.  Paye was capable, as was/is Hutchinson, and after that there is nothing.

Harbaugh will always be a run-up-the-score guy.  Starters play the whole game.  There has never been any depth under Harbaugh.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Dylan McCaffrey Too

First I will write about something more positive but still out of the Top 25.  That is Michigan basketball.

Coach Howard is or was still trying to find the lineup and a clear part of it is Hunter Dickenson.  We learned from the UCF game that Johnny Dawkins and son have a Michigan connection and "scrappy" is a euphemism for not very good.  When Dickenson stayed in the game for a while Michigan slowly fought back by scoring every time he touched the ball combined with a few stops and bad shots.  

The supporting cast is just that with Isaiah Livers the most complete offensive and defensive weapon.  He is maybe the only money option when open.  

Brown, while capable, is not his equal (see post below) is capable but sometimes over-energetic; now I know why he transferred--I have seldom seen a player try so hard.  Mike Smith is a peg who is capable of disappearing or taking himself out of the game, something Zavier Simpson never did.  Wagner is so dangerous in his overall game it is hard to take him out, but senseless charges and stupid passes are limiting his time.  Terrance Williams--the second team along with Dickenson--is usually on the floor when good things happen and that is beginning to look like no accident.

Who else...  Eli Brooks:  turnovers.  It is a matter of time until Dickenson starts over Davis; Davis is better off the bench anyway.  Zeb Jackson looks athletic but out of control--potential who will benefit from experience.  Brandon Johns continues to show promise because of his size and game.  He is perhaps the second-best option at the 5 position.

The team does not look Top 10 at this point.  They may be Top 20 as they become more experienced together.  

Within the line-up, close to half are new faces, half freshmen and two transfers.  Howard rebuilt.  Harbaugh has not.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Penn State

 It was a shit show like no other.  The announcers weren't even there.

Who the hell is Adam Shibley?  


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Help on the Way?


This is something I have never seen before.  I went to Grosse Pointe South.  For those who don't know, that is the high school for Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Park, and the City of Grosse Pointe.  

If you could characterize it, it is generally considered a spoiled rich kids place.  Usually their varsity sports teams are average or below, particularly for a large, public high school.  Occasionally they have some good teams but they never make it further than qualifying for real titles.  Same with, at times there are players who earn scholarships--Michigan has had players from Grosse Pointe on the roster--but they don't make it past that, just a roster spot.

Young Will Johnson is setting a precedent.  For those who don't follow, don't get too excited about the 100% Michigan prediction.  Johnson is in the next, next class.  But at least it isn't one of those 100% green forecasts.  The Alabamas and Clemsons are sure to swoop in.  Michigan has held them off before.

Despite the woeful on-field performances, Harbaugh and staff have held the 2021 recruiting class together.  It is the inverse team sucks national recruiting jump effect.  Kids want to play.

Thursday, November 26, 2020


At least, unlike football, there is significant video.

On paper Michigan has two good, experienced players.  No, Austin Davis the starter, is not one of them.  They are Livers and Wagner.  Eli Brooks isn't quite up to that level and then there is Brandon Johns.

I like the point guard from Columbia--he is quick with good awareness and passing skills; maybe some driving scoring but not an outstanding shooter.  Hunter Dickenson is a big (!) recruit with a very high (!!) ceiling.  Seven footers just don't come around often and he too appears to have good court awareness and maturity for his age.  He is very much like Jon Teske--not a jumper, but a big kid who has always played center and expects to play and fight around the basket. 

Zeb does not look so mature on the court; no, that is Terrance Williams (#5).  Zeb is #3 and looks to have an unusual left-handed shot.  Chaundee Brown, from Wake Forest, received praise as a shooter and all-around player after the game.  I just have to wonder, why would he transfer?

I did not see Adrien Nunez and that is a good thing.

First game but...  Defense does not appear to be this Michigan team's forte.

I think that Michigan may be a better team than they were last year.  Dickenson (his first game) is already close to Teske's equal and may have more potential in that he makes his close-in shots.  Smith (PG) is likely an improvement over Zavier Simpson.  (Simpson and Teske were all-time winners at Michigan.)  Livers played almost the whole game and probably leads the team in "usage."  Wagner is capable--steals, blocks, rebounds, points.  Brown may turn out to be every bit as capable and as involved as Livers.  Brooks is a dependable ballhandler, scorer, and defender.

Johns looks a little heavy and slow, but we know he is a capable banger, rebounder, and at times scorer.  Austin Davis is a bench player who will hopefully be phased out.

Terrance Williams looks like an energetic, tough small forward which is something Michigan has lacked.  He is a little out of sync, but he looks like that versatile contributor.

Yes, Mike Smith the point guard is all-around--shooter, dribbler, driver, and passer.  Without him there is a hole.

You can tell by the box score--the minutes--who the coaches feel are are the most important players.  More to the point, you can tell which newcomers fit in right away.  Smith, Dickenson, Brown, Williams, and Jackson, in order, made impressive debuts.

EDIT:  After paying attention to the video, the pounds on Brandon Johns are probably no accident.  The announcers said he can play the 4 or the 5.  That is smart and he looks capable in that role.  It is no secret Davis has to be a last resort for a really good team.

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, this is mostly a placeholder because I am anxious to take a look at the basketball team.  Last week Michigan won against Rutgers.  Saturday they play Penn State.

Michigan football looked a little better because they moved the ball and scored some points.  Throwing the ball 15 yards to a streaking receiver requires standing in the pocket, surveying the field, making good decisions, and throwing with authority and accuracy.  Michigan found someone who can do that in Cade McNamara.  That doesn't mean that they are a great offense, and it may not work as well against top defenses.  And, McNamara does not appear to be much of a running threat.

At this moment the Joe Milton experiment is a sad one.  Let's hope he can rebound.  He just takes too many plays off; one in five is not good enough.  

Rutgers is not a football power but they look improved and decent.  In this game they were pretty much the equal of Michigan.  They have some transfer players and there is talent in their area.

It was a several touchdown comeback for Michigan.  You could see the excitement and the confidence return when they took the lead.

The reason it was neck and neck and score and answer is the Michigan defense could not stop them.  The line lacks speed and quickness and the secondary cannot hold up.  Rutgers had a big day passing.  

Michigan has played a lot of old but new faces on the D-line.  There was a Mazi Smith sighting. 

It is hard to figure how and why Penn State is so bad.  Some recent browsing uncovered unanimous predictions of a relatively easy Michigan win.  We know that Michigan is not very good.  We will get a closer look Saturday.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Losers, Part 2

Was able to get to AA on Friday and ran into a few people close to the team.  Wanted to share what I was told, one of these guys played with coach in the mid 80's, and the other is the husband of one of the regents.  First and foremost, they both said unless coach takes another job he will not get fired, but that coaching changes were most likely coming to the staff.  They also said without hesitation that coach was close to a contract extension last winter, but the situation took a back seat to covid.  

On Dmac - He was neck and neck with JM and doing very well.  DM pulled himself out of practice and told the coaches he felt sick, although he didn't look sick, and was having a great week of practice.  Apparently this ticked off coach and showed "a sign of weakness".  Seemingly coach then tried to motivate DM to get after it and continue to practice and workout with his team.  When DM told his parents about the way coach was handling him feeling sick they got extremely upset.  As a family they decided to sleep on it for that weekend, the following Monday Mr. and Mrs. Mcc let the coaches know that DM was going to finish his scholastic year and transfer.  It sounds like DM might go play for his father next season, while also looking at Nebraska, and West Coast schools.  

The only thing I will add to this story is that 100% DM was QB1 at the practice I was able to watch last winter.  I was puzzled when all the smoke started to come out about JM, and how he won the job.  I do not believe this was the case any longer. 

The program seems fractured.  In another story, JH has lost almost all the support from previous players from the Detroit area.  Almost all of them have been very vocal with their peers, high school coaches, and circle that JH is a dictator who plays favorites.  I'm definitely missing some guys on this list but here are a few (LockDownLew, Dawson, Hill sr, Ambry, Bellville coach, DPJ, and others). in fact if you look at their tweets in the past 2 weeks, they have all taken shots at coach.

Need to hold onto our recruits for next year, sign some more, and beat Rutger.
It was a big mystery why Dylan McCaffrey left the team, not the school, and now that Joe Milton is fizzling this appeared from a self-appointed Michigan insider.

This is what is so fascinating and so frustrating at the same time.  It is why, whatever the fanbase, we are hooked.

You know those old jokes and plots in sitcoms where the rumor starts out as a VW bug and ends up as a Rolls-Royce.  Who the hell knows.  It is a logical and precisely-written summary.  

Here is another condensation:  Harbaugh had tremendous success early and he is having a lot of trouble dealing with failure.  There is no question he is a despot and tyrant.  Other people have positions with similar, absolute power and budget control, but they are not likely (unlike Trump) to lose it so quickly, completely, and publicly.  He is like a long sought-after felon who is paraded in front of the cameras.  He has nowhere to hide.

For Harbaugh the fall has been dramatic.  I cannot get the "interview" with jock reporter Charles Woodson.  'Hey, how you 'doin,' I have no idea how the nonsensical banter actually unfolded.  It turned into something about toolboxes and how all the tools are important.  Woodson came off as a ridiculous buddy-buddy reporter.  Harbaugh came off as someone who cannot relate to anyone.  We have seen these awkward interviews before.  Jim Harbaugh can relate, but only if he is in charge.

Why is the Michigan football team so short on leaders?  Because there aren't many people who can lead just like, and under, Jim Harbaugh.

Remember Nixon's fall, or more to the point, Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of him.  It is about a guy sitting there withering away drinking highballs.  Donald Trump is in a similar situation.  Nixon is the one who said "You have to know how to lie."

The exit of McCaffrey remains a complete lie and coverup.  You can't challenge the king, even if his team is lousy right there in primetime for all to see.  That too is a logical conclusion as far as Harbaugh goes.

This business of "they are both competing" is another insulting lie.  Why not tell the pool boy he is next in line to be chief executive?  The old saying goes that if you will lie for me, you will lie to me.  I too could talk about culture, or fractures, or even factions, Harbaugh is the problem in this kind of fear-based environment, not more coaching changes.  DJ Durkin was not that long ago.

I have written about Dylan McCaffrey before.  To me he was one of the best returning players.  His was a bold decision, and like the line from the movie Chinatown "he has to swim in the same water as the rest of us."  He chose to hunker down for the Fall semester and graduate.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

B1G the Week of 150K Covid Cases per Day


As I read once on a Michigan football forum, at least we get to watch Big Ten football.  No question it is a great way to start or spend the weekend, particularly when things begin at 10 AM here in the Rocky Mountain zone.   Throw in snow and a fireplace and it is even better.

We are watching Penn State and Nebraska, online shopping, and writing about that because I do that.  It is commentary on the state of affairs.  Bloggers include screenshots (see above); that is weird, yesterday they were $54.

Maryland-Ohio State is canceled.  There are other games canceled including in the SEC and people everywhere are realizing the difference between games and real life.  Wisconsin is coming off a Covid-induced week off.

The choices today were Indiana-Michigan State, Illinois at Rutgers, and the aforementioned.  Before I get to the game I am watching, I will check in on Sparty and a very good Indiana.  What the Hell, this is the age of streaming video and there is no need for the box score.  My hunch is Indiana is dominating.

Because Michigan State is not good and Michigan lost to them.

Yep.  24 zip.  Enough of that.

The Penn State game is old fashioned, hardnose, Big Ten football.  NOT!  I mean, it is and that is what is a negative about it.  It looks like a bunch of thugs pounding on each other.  When I tuned it in it was something like 27-6 Nebraska.  Wow!  You must be pathetic to losing like that to Scott Frost and Nebraska.  Now it is 27-16.  Old habits.

We get to watch the games.

Penn State football is a lot like Michigan football.  The revenue is huge, the talent is always top ten or fifteen, and the fans are so devoted they are impervious to how dysfunctional they really are.   James Franklin is similar to Jim Harbaugh too.  They both stand on the sideline with the headset mostly by themselves.

The game began for me with "I don't like that, that's a dirty play."  Shortly thereafter a Nebraska player was called for an aggressive helmet to helmet hit against a runner that is still allowed.  Then everyone got to hear that Scott Frost says Nebraska is close.

The story of the game is that Nebraska, playing at home with cornboard fans came out blood/red-juiced and went out to a big lead.  Penn State, with all their talent and coaching and planning, finally started counterpunching.

Penn State is a lot like Michigan.  I'll get to Michigan as the day in football unfolds.  Michigan's games are in the same media space as Nebraska and Penn State.  The once-great Nittany Lions are 0-3 and it is now 30-16 23.  Talk about a hotseat.  It is a good game and I am pulling for Penn State.

The wind is blowing horizontally from right to left.  It is blustery and snowing in Colorado.  It happens.  It is a good time to put something on the big screen.

23 to 7 they just said to start the 4th quarter.  It is engrossing.  There is always a sidenote or storyline:  McCaffrey.  Another one and maybe the last.  Dad Ed, who is not unknown here in Denver, is a candidate for CTE.  What happened to that Nebraska QB who is the best option recruit since sliced bread?  I get it, people are really friendly and downhome, but why would anyone with other choices go to Lincoln, NE?  The only answer unless you are a short tractor or dually ride away is playing time.

If Kwitty Paye is a top pick in the draft I don't even know what time the Michigan game starts.  Chew on that for a while.  Lots of hurries but no sacks, just like the Michigan team.

As for Penn State at Nebraska, it was the battle of the winless losers.  Up next, Michigan. 

Ooops, this is the wrong one.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Creamed by Indiana (Part 2)

And we're back.  Center holding.  20-yard completion to Bell.  And another.  Don't know what Indiana did with the ball.  Well, they didn't score.  Nice catch by Roman Wilson, 24-14.

Here are, plus the 29 yards Indiana achieved in the second half, the stats.

"Tight coverage.  Incomplete.  But there is a flag.  Defense #4."  That actually is a quote.  And that was a huge, drive-extending penalty.  

Indiana now has 346 yards.  Michigan has 17 yards rushing.

That was nothing short of dominating.  Indiana just marched right down the field on Gray, Brown, and Michigan.  Indiana is a good team.  Michigan is not a good team.

Specifically, Brown's answer to the carnage has been blitzes and zone DB coverage.  They are putting some pressure on Michael Penix.  Brown's changes have failed.  

Let me see, there was an incomplete pass right through a Michigan receiver's hands.  Then Milton missed Bell all alone 30 yards down the field.  It is 31-14.  If the Hoosiers move the ball, I think I am going to take a break for a while.

Daxton Hill is all over.  

Andrew Stueber has been around for a while on the line too.  Zinter was in; he is new.

According to this, Michigan has 23 defensive backs on the roster ( doesn't work with an adblocker).

31-14 Indiana beginning the 4th quarter.  Michigan could win, but the only way is some defensive stops and or turnovers.  That was pretty fast!  31-21.

There is still a little suspense.  Let's take a moment to reflect.  Jim Harbaugh is in charge.  If Don Brown and the defense sucks, where does that leave Harbaugh?

Karsen Barnhart is the fifth offensive lineman.  He is a sophomore.  

I had a feeling Joe Milton would throw an interception in this game.