Sunday, October 31, 2021

MSU 37 UM 33

It was a great win, if you are a Michigan State fan.  Kenneth Walker's 200 yards and 5 touchdowns was too much.  Up-tempo was smart and effective.  Confidence helps.  Run defense does too.

Michigan State turned the ball over too and overcame it.  Michigan is a solid team and in this one they were beaten.

Maybe they could have won if not for the failure to change defensive substitutions, the two fumbles, and better tackling against Walker.

37 points is too many.

Michigan had chances and they lost.  Andrel Anthony, Erick All, and Cade McNamara led a gallant effort, but the passing game was not enough.

Walker's breakaway runs in particular,  Michigan could not stop them. 

Michigan was ahead by two scores and cruising, yet they lost again to Michigan State.

This is a woke, or aware, football game review.  It is dull and boring.  It doesn't contain any Twitter screenshots or incendiary click bait.  There are no derogatory jokes about Michigan State either.

Michigan could have and should have won this game, and they didn't.  

Dantonio is gone.  Don't blame Mel Tucker.


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