Sunday, March 7, 2021

Part 2

What we learned:  Eli is not coming back, at least not in this one.    Zeb was ready and can play.  Assuming Brooks is going to be OK--he is not going to die, or be permanently disabled--that is most important.

The climax:  When the Wagner 3 bounced off.

But it never is quite over, as long as time remains and otherwise.

Binham played great.  Henry is very good.  Rocket, and Hauser made the difference.

Free throws...  A Langford three.  It is over.  Sparty 65, Michigan 61 is a guess.  4 points, now and 29.7.  Turnover!  Three... no.

Actual, 70-64.

There are sites that post things about pounding Sparty ass and others that appreciate the competition and entertainment.  You know who you are.

Juwan was kind of a shit afterwards, to use his word.  I think Michigan players played hard.  And it was close until the end, they just lost.

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