Sunday, March 7, 2021

DDJ and others

I had never heard of the movie Nomadland and I know nothing about making movie sounds.  I can, however, put together winning a Golden Globe and committing suicide at age 35.  It is a cruel oxymoron.

Earlier we were informed through the Michigan grapevine that David DeJulius with Cincinnati is opting out.  

"The University of Cincinnati and the medical staff has been hands on and is a big reason I made it to this point," DeJulius said. "However, it has gotten to a point where I can't fight nor hide it anymore. I've fought for my teammates, coaches, and the entire fan base of Cincinnati for the entire season but what's best for Cincinnati is me at my best. Unfortunately I'm not nor haven't been remotely close to being that. With that being said, I have decided to take some time off."

This is not doxxing.  It is an excellent model, or form to use, for others facing similar issues.  It is real.

There are a lot of similar examples and sentiments on Mgoblog.

In the case of Nomadland, the deceased's name is Michael Wolf Snyder, who died by unspecified suicide in Queens, New York.  His condition was long-term and his surviving father is a psychiatrist.

It is tougher if you are alone, but the same message holds:  acknowledge it and seek help.

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