Thursday, March 11, 2021

BTT Time

#1 seed Michigan plays on Saturday at 3pm at Mackey Arena.


Sunday Morning.

It was an extremely gallant effort.


Coach Howard might approve.  He wanted more aggression and he chose to display it.  Dumb.  It shows worse problems.

Michigan fans, at least most, are rabid dogs.

Livers is injured; so is one of the uglies.

The talking heads are out in force.  I get nothing from them, including John Beilein.  Just tell me when the game starts.

We are expecting two feet of snow.


I don't like the thug stuff.  Juwan Howard, that means you.  He is a violent, angry person.

I hope it is displaced aggression meant for Underwood or Izzo.

Maryland is my previous home.  Mark Turgeon is a class act and Maryland is and has been a strong basketball school.

Michigan 79 Maryland 66.

Mike Smith was great.  Wagner, OK.  Livers less than that.  At the time, Chaundee Brown and Austin Davis filled-in and motivated.

That Darryl Morsell guy is...  

Doesn't matter, it is just a basketball game.




The first day is not over and Michigan is going to play the team that just beat them, in order to get a chance against the team that beat them before that.  They are still the favorite and that title was earned.

So why did Maryland beat State?  Tom Izzo says "blame me" and that is not a clue.  Who the heck is Malik Hall with 19 points?  Whoever he is he was not a factor in the two games against Michigan and that probably affects the answer.  Henry and Langford, two players better than anyone on Michigan at creating their own shots, did not show up in force.  Rocket, Bingham, and Hauser were barely in attendance either.

For Maryland, the guards dominated.  Michigan could be a little thin there.

Aside from Indiana, who are now falling behind by a sum at home, the only game that is/was interesting is Minnesota - Ohio State.  Pitino, like Miller at Indiana, is already half-way out the door.  Ohio State is the ugliest team I have seen so far this year.

Iowa features that 7-foot cornlover on an extra dose against Dickinson and Michigan.  Ohio State has the tatooed white weightlifter and a host of other oinkers competing at the trough.  

It was close.  Minnesota was without Liam Robbins and Gabe Kalscheur.  Good, Ohio State is beatable with a full team.

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