Monday, February 7, 2022

Harbaugh and the Rest of the Cast

It is not being a fan.  It is not trolling or negative recruiting either.  It is simply observing real life and/or a circus, whichever you prefer.

Farce is the only way to describe it.  Football is something that in the wider scheme serves no purpose other than entertainment.  The educational and team values part of it went out the door with CTE.  There are performers and directors, stagehands, money and marketing people, and new business (i.e., recruiters) staff.  The athletes do it for a free education with training for a bigger payday; now, with NIL, even that is corrupted.  There is no longevity or security at all--everything is grab now.

Jim Harbaugh is a leader on and off the field.  Do as I do.  Get it while you can.

And now he is stuck right in the middle of close to nothing.  Michigan has no offensive or defensive coordinator.  Both left with nary a nice word to say about the brief stint that launched their career into the big-time.  Each made a million dollars a year in their thirties for a seasonal gig.  Neither showed an ounce of respect for the educational institution, and all associated with it, that made it possible.

Harbaugh showed the same scorn and once the toothpaste...  Nine NFL openings.  Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, and frozen Minneapolis.  You can read it for the same satirical entertainment value, but the only real news is what actually happened.  Harbaugh must be delirious in addition to exceptionally greedy and egotistic.  He tried for a month and eventually flew off to Minnesota fully expecting an offer and exit.

"Do you want me?" He called Warde Manuel after being unanimously rejected.  He wanted to win a Super Bowl and get a $100 million contract.  No one can blame him and he is just being honest.

It is great entertainment .

What is more is that Harbaugh is under contract.  Recruiting, the portal, and other things can be a year-round job if you make it that.  Spending time hiring coaches is only a prelude to making progress on the actual team.  

The defense lost almost two-thirds of its starters and without a leader; more to the point, all the stars are gone.  Offense, who knows?  While much of the talent returns, there have been problems in the past.

I'll keep an eye on the actors and players.  But for now it is time to return to the real world.


Football coach.


Wait, it gets worse.  Michigan hires Jesse Minter as defensive coordinator.

Jim Harbaugh's reliance on his brother John is a bad look and throwing around million dollar salaries, helping the Baltimore Ravens, and complete and unchecked power is just plain nepotism and cronyism.  But no, Michigan doesn't pay enough, and Harbaugh doesn't have enough analysts and staff.  

"Hello Vanderbilt, this is Michigan calling."  It is as if the good season has emboldened everyone.

What's next, a contract extension?  The bonuses will probably disappear.  Now that everyone is warm and fuzzy again we are probably stuck with him for life.

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