Sunday, January 30, 2022

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Offseason News

Harbaugh, Harbaugh, Harbaugh.  The season ended abruptly with the wooping by Georgia.  There has been the expected, i.e., more than expected, attrition, then Harbaugh announces that he will entertain billionaires and NFL offers; the news is that he is actually wooing them, this after announcing that Michigan is where he wants to be and claiming the CFP represents a "new beginning."

Coach received a huge bonus and said he gave it away.  The assistants got, and kept, a million too.

The defensive line coach left for the same job at a less successful peer.  Three-fourths of the line is gone and about half of the rest of the defense is too.

Then Macdonald leaves without a word and both brothers are pretty much speechless too.

Michigan Basketball

Dickinson, Brooks, Jones, Johns, Nunez, and Jackson are gone, plus or minus.  There is another primo class coming in.  In terms of the team, what you see is likely to be what you get.

Add in that there is going to be constant chatter about who is staying or leaving.  There is no doubt that each of the four freshmen who play have talent.  Diabata may be the most mentioned name in a broadcast, hustling and knocking the ball around, but he shows up less in the box score.  Houstan, all of eighteen, shows personal growth; Collins didn't play his senior year either.  Kobe Bufkin has potential but inexperience also.

Will Tschetter and Isaiah Barnes?

Is it safe to say Coach is playing for now?  It is anyone's guess why Indiana did not make a run.  Maryland and Northwestern are not good teams.  Unless something happens out of virtually nowhere, Michigan is going to end the season at or below .500.

It is hard to tell what is going on.  You can see it in the box scores--huge shooting percentage, assists, and bench strength differences.  A losing season is going to make everything worse.  There is likely to be more than expected attrition and transfers....  They're just too young.

Dickinson is solid.  Brooks is starting and supporting.  Right now, the rest is pretty hard to predict.

In terms of Harbaugh, I don't really care if he stays or goes.  I was hoping the basketball team would lose to State and they were beaten badly

Elsewhere, Schlissel was fired and decided to stay as a tenured professor.  Coleman retired but is back.  The university paid $490 million for their version of a creepy sports doctor.

Just reporting the news.

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