Friday, December 31, 2021



He is a scary man.  

Please, get rid of the BLM patches.

I have always been skeptical.  The starters are not good.  The bench is worse.  And then there is that part of the team, family included, that is unseen and assumed to be incapable.

Thankfully, here is the way it works:  Two losing seasons and you are gone.

It is a real shame.  On the verge of, but already immersed in something earned and really big, this is a real downer.

Yesterday Michigan was up by about 15 and then they totally disintegrated.  They don't have a go-to guy or on the court or leadership and experience.  The lineup is irreparable.  The coaching--now is the time you have to make improvements--is inept.

I tuned in and that was no fun because this team is going nowhere and they are going to get slaughtered in the Big Ten.  I cannot watch DeVante Jones and every time he scores his place becomes more secure and that only means we'll see more.  I looked a few times at my phone for stats during the game.  The first thing to look at is assists:  there are very few.

I see it getting much worse.

But again, there is solace in time.  Two years.

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