Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Georgia - Michigan



The Arch on the University of Georgia campus.  The Terry School of Business is on the right and the law school is to the left


It has been great to watch the replays of the last two games for weeks and the season is still going.  The stands were full and people were happy or very dejected.  Already the rumors/news is starting, and after UCLA (four hours notice) it is anyone's guess as to what will happen and who might not be participating.  It is almost hard to believe that we assume it will happen.

Underdog is not the Michigan way.  Michigan is almost never the underdog and there is no reason they should be one now.  Even when they are bad, their reputation precedes them.  They are a big game on everyone's schedule.   Quick, what games were most-watched this year?  Michigan always gets the attention right or wrong and there is none as news or copy-worthy than the only teams left playing for a national championship.  We can forget all the dancing, like holding out for the NFL draft, because these games matter.

Michigan students don't think of themselves as underdogs.  In athletics, and with their resources, Michigan should never be the underdog either.

Scrounging for opponents and including teams that didn't even qualify--no postseason practices--only adds to the farcical nature of the bowls.  Aside from the CFP, they are no longer match-ups among champions and a reason to celebrate.  Player and coach shuffling hurt too.  Then there are the empty stadiums.  The games mean nothing.  Every time I was tempted to tune in, the teams playing and the whole situation just didn't work.  Covid is the last straw.

Alabama-Cincinnati is in the afternoon on Friday and the Orange Bowl is right after that.  All four teams have a chance.

Michigan under Harbaugh has been a victim of the new bowl world.  Remember Jake Butt and Karan Higdon.  More recently, there was the 2020 season and Penn State at Michigan in particular.

Michigan should not be an underdog.  But today everyone uses it as motivation.  Michigan has the most wins in history, the biggest stadium and audience, it can claim to be a better school than almost all its opponents.  Michigan is always the favorite.

Ceasar's Palace says we're going to lose by a touchdown, that is disrespecting us!  Coach-speak.

Michigan has done everything asked this season short of State.  They are playing their best now.

I tried to read about Georgia and previews are mostly about 5-stars, as in high school recruiting rankings.  Favorite.  Motivation.

Lest we forget this too, here is the list.  Hawkins, Hill, Ross*, Hutchinson, Vastardis, Stueber, Haskins, Moody, Robbins.  The projections are all over the place and no one knows who is staying, going, transferring, etc.  This is the closest I can come to Michigan's nine senior/leaving stars.

Georgia is an outstanding football team.  It is also one of the top 20 public universities in the country.  I went to graduate school there in the Master of Marketing Research program.  They do not employ "bag men." 

I wish I knew more--Kirby Smart has built Georgia into another Alabama, but I give Michigan the edge because of coaching.

Michigan football is entirely different this year.  They have a system that works and they are able to work off of that and adapt.  They play to their strengths and the nine players listed above lead the way.  They will not give up and they will find a way. 

Michigan 27 Georgia 24.


* Josh Ross has not indicated a decision or offer.  He is playing fantastic and is an inspiration to everyone else.

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