Friday, March 25, 2022

Thankfully it is Over

Michigan lost to Villanova yesterday 63-55.  

They made the Sweet 16 by beating Tennessee and Colorado State, both good teams.

It brings to a close an acrimonious and contentious season.  Fans were complaining, the coach was suspended, and it could not have been fun for the eight players.  

Hunter Dickinson, who has put himself on a two-year course to the NBA was forced to mature, expand his game, and do it all himself on the court for the team.

Super prospects are just that:  prospects.

Juwan Howard and Fab Five are in charge and "Black as Hail" is not my cup of tea.

Talk about winning ugly.

BTW, Villanova is a good team --top 10, Final 8--because they have a few experienced, all-around, very good players.  As a team they play expertly until the end of the shot clock.

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