Thursday, February 17, 2022

Michigan 84 Iowa 79

How did Michigan beat Purdue?

It is a trick question.  Both "I don't know" and "they made 3's" are correct answers.

Ohio State is too good.

Iowa isn't as bad as Northwestern, Maryland, Nebraska, Indiana, or Penn State.  Strange, their home fans actually like them.  They're about average.  At the half, Iowa is winning.

Michigan shooters are fucking bricklayers.  1/12 on wide open 3's.

Caleb Houston is a wallflower.

Seriously, Michigan has shown some improvement.  Jones is getting better at dishing it.  They are running.  And Diabate has begun to learn the ball screen and pick and roll; he is scoring.

This one, in Iowa City, is lasting a long time.  It only seems that way.  Covid may be waning and it is back to normal, but they are two teams going nowhere.  Making the tournament is a hollow victory.

I forget, does Juwan Howard have some kind of bone to pick with Fran McCaffrey too?  What a bonehead--he just walked on the court and picked-up the ball.  He is affable when he smiles, but this is not the time.  Boot him, please!

It is time to relax.  This is not a good team.

I don't know why Trerance Williams isn't playing, except that...  I won't write it.  Bufkin, Faulds, Johns, Collins is it.

This game is like other recent games against mediocre opponents.  They hang in and keep trying.  Size in Dickinson and Diabate pays off.  They grind it out and the opponent--except good teams--cannot capitalize.  Jones is error-prone but dependable enough.  Brooks is veteran, a strong defender, and he provides almost enough.  Houstan is there, and the bench is patchwork.

Jace Howard is in.  And of course Houstan (2/8 and 0/4) never comes out.

Brooks mad a couple of threes and Michigan is up by 11.  They should win.  

Strange team.  These games are not fun to watch.  Correction:  Diabate is now making jump shots.  It is just that, Iowa is not great and these teams are not going anywhere.  

To be fair, Michigan--Dickinson, Diabate, and Jones--has improved.  Plus, Brooks is there.  The coaches have created open shots.  This season the team is not going to change much and, from there, it is anybody's guess.

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