Saturday, January 22, 2022


So I tuned into Vipbox today looking to get my fair share of abuse and it is tomorrow.  I can't believe Michigan is the number 30 team (that high) or that they are in prime time on Sunday.

I took a look at the Illinois box score though.  Everyone was so proud...  Jace Howard's stat line was of interest.  Smaller guys, 6'7" guys guard big guys in pick-up games all the time.  It was not impressive.

Anyway.  I'll get my jollies another way.  The news is Adele Adkins.  I admit, I have barely seen her perform nor have I paid attention to anything I may or may not have heard; I have survived just fine.

That video is the whiniest, phoniest, most self-absorbed thing I have ever seen.  Of course I don't care much/at all, but Geez.

It is the risk of communicating such a thing via Instagram.  How about issuing a real statement instead?

Remember in high school when the teacher said write a 500 word essay and don't use the word "I" once?  Instead of "I have the best fans" try saying "You are the best fans."  Everything she says, sings, wears, and Tweets is about her.  "I don't want my fans to get Covid and... I don't want to get it myself."  So yeah, real smart to schedule concerts when a million people a day are getting it and 2,000 are dying.

How 'bout a nice game of tennis?  In Serbia.

She still hasn't said one thing constructive.  When are the concerts rescheduled for?  What are you going to do for each person who spent thousands on you?  Do you really expect more people to be suckered-in if you say you are going to hold them again?  And finally, why did you fail to prepare and put your shows on as contractually obligated?

Sorry, just one more.  Have you ever heard of Billy McFarlane?

She puts her face on jackets, t-shirts, and I hope ashtrays; wine, tissues, and a whole store full of Adele crap.  How about a little, you know, something for the effort?  I mean, gifts from the store.  But wait, she is fine relaxing in her room and FaceTiming.  So I've got that going for me.  Man, those people are gullible.

By the way, free drinks are not at all hard to come by in Las Vegas.

And LeBron James, now there's a role model.  I'll bet her de facto new agent bragged about the coup they pulled this time.  Imagine we're up here partying and you didn't have to do a thing!

Her albums are named 21, 25, and 30 and you can wear the ingenious names as patches on your Adele jacket.  They are her ages.  Her first marriage failed quickly and her songs are about herself and her problems.  Yawn.  Listen to the way she communicates; she is a complete narcissist.  These shows, her shows, are about putting herself in the spotlight and adulation, nothing more.  Britney Spears is another one to look up to.  Who on earth did what that resulted in the conservator disaster?.

And greedy too.  Anyone who thinks she cares about anything but money is delirious.  She has stomach-vomiting stage-fright fergodsakes.  Oh, and she is smart and classy and educated too...

"I'm so sorry, but my show ain't ready."  Fuck this, fuck that, and most of all, fuck my fans.  She likes the F-word.  She had some kind of education, one appropriate for such a gifted artist, up to the age of 17.

I think, if you want to be a star you need to shine when the spotlight is on you.  I have no idea why after 25 years Simone Biles couldn't concentrate because of Larry Nasser.  I say the same thing about champions:  if you want to be one you have to it against the best, when the heat is on, and when you have the opportunity.  You aren't always fortunate enough to get another chance, Ms. Adkins.


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