Friday, November 26, 2021

Ohio State (aka, The Game)

I have to write this now because I am pretty sure my internet will not work again for The Game.  CenturyLink sucks.

I don't think Michigan can do it.  I am certain they will try.  And, unless I am wrong, it will be another season of losing to both Michigan State and Ohio State.  Nonetheless, it has been a strong, rejuvenated  season so far.

In the meantime, Michigan beat Penn State and Penn State never really puts it all together.  Almost never.  Maryland doesn't put it together either.  Michigan's wins have come against some mediocre competition:  the Big Ten East isn't so great.

You never know.  Turnovers, sacks, or just a great match-up for Michigan, it could happen.

I don't think so.

Before it happens again and I am forced to join those who are disconnected, two things are important to remember:  Michigan is described as the epicenter of wave four and, remember, it is about the showcase.

Insert picture of Michigan Stadium here.


Editing is allowed but you never delete in blogging.  My excuse:  the weather and I had no idea Ohio State would become so rattled.

For Michigan it was a dramatic showing of their strengths all season.  Hassan Haskins was fantastic.  Grit:  Cade McNamara made a bad play (interception), and Michigan went from 14-0 to 7-3, and the team responded.  This one includes leadership.  Speaking of, the Michigan defensive ends were game-changers AND the defensive tackles played great.  The defense was excellent.

Michigan won because they didn't play prevent, they scored more.

Field position, weather, crowd...  The Buckeyes were not at their best.  Michigan caused it an won.

They get to play another game!  Who is the opponent, Nebrsaska?  That is huge. 

There is a legitimate path to the CFP.

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