Monday, October 25, 2021

Nick Rolovich

"Aware" is a better word than "woke."  But this is really about self expression..

Every day I am grateful that all I have to do is sit here and watch the leaves turn.  Or grass grow,.  You get the picture.

It is all while I plot my resurfacing, and for those who don't or shouldn't think that way, Nick Rolovich is a failure.  Maybe he will eventually get a job as a position coach, then become coordinator, and at some point even become a head coach again.  Bigger failures than he have done it.

Someone had to take Mike Leach's place.  Rolovich had a bit of an ostentatious flair, with the surfer shirts and frequent flyer miles.  It is hard to imagine Hawaii as a stepping stone--is it more of a destination--but the extra, off the mainland games help, and he was able to parlay solid seasons into a promotion.  The run and shoot was...




I thought the way he did it was the right way if you are a bonehead and insist you know something the whole world does not.  Quick, what are the top 10 vaccines in history?  Polio is my top of mind answer.  

Rolovich went away and said almost nothing.

Remember, he knows something the rest of us don't understand, including the governor of the state that employed him.

Now he claims he has a lawsuit.  We won't be hearing much about Nick Rolovich for a while, because...

Nick, it is not about you.

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