Sunday, March 21, 2021

MIchigan 82 Texas Southern 66

Chaundee Brown was a thug.  So was Austin Davis.  Hunter Dickinson too.

New instructions from Coach Howard:  I want to see a daily video of you smacking someone with an elbow.  

Texas Southern showed a lot of heart by fighting until the end.

The fracas surrounding the mutual parting of ways between John Beilein and the entire Cleveland Cavaliers organization was because coach called the players slugs or thugs...

Thugs, thugs, thugs.


Aside from advancing in the tournament, the subplot was playing without Livers and a thin bench.  Michigan only has four starters plus back-ups:  Wagner, Dickinson, Smith, and Brooks.  Brandon Johns has not been able to break out of the power forward mold; he can be tough around the basket and he has a few baseline and post--against smaller forwards--moves.  He is capable of flashes to help the team but also turnovers and dumb plays.  In this game, his break, opportunity, or chance to shine, one could say he did not grab the moment.  In Coach Howard-speak, he is part of the team effort to replace Livers.

Zeb Jackson has always looked capable and now we know why he has not played more.  He is a bit of a hot dog.  Without looking at the numbers, I would say he has made two shots all year, which is nothing to brag about, i.e., the made-shot gesture.

Terrance Williams looks to be in the Brandon Johns mold.  He is very limited at this point in his career, save for banging and hoping for a foul.  Too early to tell, but either you are a shooter, which is important in Michigan's spread, 3-point game, or you are not.  I don't remember him making one, ever.  He does have a sometimes awareness--as a freshman he is just as likely to be left out of a play completely--and is capable of assists.  Again, some useful minutes to spell the four starters.

Chaundee Brown's minutes in this one were not useful and the same can be said for Davis.  They both received stupid, over-aggressive fouls immediately.  See how tough we are, we're the Big Ten.  If you don't come to play, you are going home... With maybe an exception or two, neither made a big shot.

Dickinson, Wagner, Smith, and Brooks.  They are all doing their best to step up, given the team's effort to replace Livers...

They are not going to give up.  I don't know, how does Mike Smith match up against LSU?  Wagner is a sophomore and Dickinson is a freshman.  So far the best team I have seen is Oregon, and that includes Loyola Chicago.  Haven't seen Gonzaga; Baylor looks good but beatable.  

It could get ugly unless players like Davis, Brown, and Johns Jr. help a bit more.

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