Sunday, March 28, 2021

Michigan 76 Florida State 58


Florida State did not show leadership or a go-to guy.  Some of the players were making gestures to the officials and whining after foul calls.

There is something wrong with FSU's reliance on size.  It does not guarantee rebounds.  Gray, for instance, is overweight.  They are slow.  Ball-handling and pressing are are not done well.

Leonard Hamilton is out of place on a college campus.  I am hesitant to learn more about his relationship with Juwan Howard.  In this one, Howard out-coached him.  Whatever Michigan had going on with people standing under the basket and/or dunking, it worked. 

Michigan did not shoot well from the free throw line and Franz Wagner and Eli Brooks were 0-6 from 3pt range.  It could have been worse.

Hamilton was classy and complimentary after the game.


If Michigan plays smart, they will win.  It has not happened often this year, but if they crumble--foul trouble, lack of movement, an injury, for instance--they will lose. 

Using your brains includes making free throws.

Franz Wagner and Hunter Dickinson need to play intelligently and composed, the former against Scottie Barnes and the latter around the basket.  Austin Davis too; this is a game where his size will be needed.

This is not a bad match-up for Michigan.  Cover the shooters and lay off the others.

I hope Michigan wins and I do not like Florida State basketball.  The coach reminds me of a mafia leader.  Everyone is recruited based on height--it is more of a show of intimidation rather than basketball.  The team does not represent or embody the college experience at all.

Michigan 75 Florida State 70.

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