Friday, May 15, 2020

List of losers

I have written this a hundred times:  Ann Arbor is a difficult (and I think) unpleasant place.

This part I have never written.  Not so for high profile athletes, e.g., men's football and basketball.  Everyone wants to win and it is college athletics at the highest level.  Everyone on these teams is competitively recruited and knows exactly what they are in for.

Michigan usually plays Purdue a couple of times a year.  I am familiar, but I had never heard of Nojel Eastern.  He was a highly-ranked prospect with a Michigan offer, so...

I can shop myself around and get two years free at a good school for one year playing.  So far my basketball career has not been much but I am a star and I want people to give me the love I deserve.

For Michigan it means nothing for next year unless that entitlement thing pops up again.  One year!

The team consists of a few Beilein leftovers who can play.  The coaches son.  Someone who decommited from another school; bets on if he stays four years?  A rent-a-grad transfer.  A player (Livers) who cannot make up his mind if he is in or out.  And the two worst players from the bench (Davis and Nunez).

Unless they win a lot to start the season in the late Fall, I do not foresee watching a lot of games.  A mish-mosh of transfers doesn't speak to the future or getting better at all.  It is looking like Juwan Howard is in over his head.  The 5-star thing was never going to work. He is playing catch-up and it looks bad.

It was a short season and now it is a very long off season with not much to look forward to.  The news, that's all we have, is a downward spiral.

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