Thursday, March 5, 2020

Michigan basketball is like Michigan football.

Michigan football is like Michigan basketball.

It is like high school.  It is a local 2- or 3-hour event and that is it.  Add in pregame and postgame and you can extend it.

I just saw a nice Austin Davis play.  He blocked-out no one and the shooter got the rebound and put it in.

I knew they were going to play but, well the second half was half over.  It is not surprising they are showing some spark at home against a second division team.

Just like Michigan football.  Harbaugh is there.  Beilein too.

I don't know what is going on with the roster.  Coach's son.  Nunez and Castleton likely candidates to leave.  Livers and Wagner too.

Big Country does not mean Austin Davis.  Him staying is not good news.

Zavier Simpson just took a wild jump shot.  Senior night and Jon Teske is smiling.  He is a good guy out of the John Beilein mold.  Now Z himself is coming out.  They both stuck around and they always played hard.

The news here is Franz may be one to leave also.  He could be a pro, if not in the NBA somewhere else in the world.

Who is that former Michigan player announcer?  The whole thing smacks of a local celebration--they are entitled--rather than a championship basketball game.

You cannot go back.  The losses against Wisconsin and Ohio State were real clunkers.

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