Sunday, March 1, 2020

How hard can it be to watch a little pirated TV?  Vipbox.bootleg is experiencing a bad patch so we had to 123 it, as in searching for any video or television station by googling it along with 123tv.

Michigan never gives up and they will prove it again in 7 minutes.

I wonder where Georgetown calls home these days, because they sure don't have an arena like that on campus.

It is now under 5 minutes so we do not have much time before tip-off.

It hurts to lose to Big Ten rivals and to Wisconsin also.  They are not as sure-fire a grudge match as Michigan State or Ohio State, but they are always there at or near the top.  They don't seem to ever win anything, but Wisconsin is always good.

I didn't instigate it, but there was talk about the coaching, specifically, the lineup.  This is Juwan Howard, the man who immediately removed autobenching based on fouls.  Now he decides to do it before the game even starts in failing to put Simpson and DeJulius out there to start the game.

That is a contradiction.

More rational criticism revolves around the game itself.  It has also been said or written that the reason Michigan lost the game is their failure to both shoot and defend the 3-point shot.  Wisconsin was chanting "Tough 2's" so it was hardly a secret.  Michigan could not react because Howard did not react.

The players are not allowed to, and do not, give up.  Coaching has to put them in the best position.  'My bad,' as Juwan was heard to say, does not cut it.

This is one thing Howard is a ideologue about:  Michigan always starts the game by going to Jon Teske and it fails.

Eli Brooks is still a good looking guy.

I am not ready to make Austin Davis a star.  If Juwan Howard is so great with bigs, what is the problem with Jon Teske?  Michigan is usually better when he is on the bench.

Google "Jon Teske missed shot."

Here comes Colin Castlton.  It is starting to get bizarre, the substitution patterns.  A theory has been put forward--I am the one who started it--that maybe Juwan is not such a great coach after all.  Suppose Michigan continues to lay an egg as the tournaments start, could the recruiting class fall apart?  Much of it is still speculation at this point.

Ohio State is killing Michigan from 3-pt range.  Again.  A la Wisconsin.

Sometimes I am really struck by the resilience of the Michigan players...

John Beilein is going to get another job.

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