Saturday, February 22, 2020

Indiana (Purdue)

Beilien will not be going to Kansas or Baylor.  They are too corrupt.

Just a reminder that he did it clean.

Davis is in early because that has proven to be a strength.  Prior to that, Michigan missed shots because they do that.

Livers had a dumb over the back foul.  With him in there Michigan should win because they are the better team.  Purdue is .500.  Still, you have to bring it every game.

Here is a newsflash about Michigan basketball:

When they make shots they are very good.

Right now in the game DeJulius is spelling Simpson and Michigan has its largest lead.  He is a great change of pace from anyone because his is fast.  Now that he is channeling that speed he is dangerous.  He is an upgrade over Simpson as an outside shooter.

We've seen indications of it before -- Michigan is playing a a pro-style isolation offense.

It is a close game.  They are at home and it is an important (i.e., must win) game for Purdue.  Michigan looks like the better team.  If they do not win it will be a shame.  I am going to shut up and listen watch.

Michigan cruised.  It is hard to tell the difference, but it was Franz, not Teske, hitting the 3's. Then it was Livers; I had no idea he is automatic from the free throw line.

Eli Brooks appears to be OK.

In the game, Michigan is starting to look like the Fab 5.  They do not have Chris Webber anymore, but the thing about them was they would get rebounds; they would fight inside and come away with the ball.  Austin Davis, he is aggressive at going after the ball and he is not afraid to bang.  Teske works hard and the ball is there for others.  Even Simpson and DeJulius get rebounds.

Next up is Wisconsin at home and that is an interesting story.  Their second-leading scorer has split.  Brad Davison is still around, but they have cracked down on flopping.  Ethan Happ is on loan from the Greek-owned Olympiacos of the EuroLeague.

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