Wednesday, April 20, 2022

More Ukraine



It is a photo op for sure.  The European Council is a new one.

It is the way almost all of Ukraine sees itself.  No one knows where Europe starts and Russia ends and that is a fact.  The clean but old blue trains, the pretty but efficient hostess for overnight commutes (leave in the evening and arrive anywhere in the country by the next morning), and last but not least, the blonde Caucasians hugging.  It is how Europe wants to see it too.

Pause for Google:  the European Council is the part of the EU that defines "general political direction and priorities."  WTF does the EU do?  That includes countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, and Finland that are in the EU and not NATO.  They have money--the EU recently raised its aid to 1.5 billion Euros.  The U.S. and the U.K. of course have even more money, and hardware too.

The war continues.  It is total destruction and murder.  Good, get the civilians out of the east.  Do everything possible to stop the killing.  Then pummel the hell out of the Russians in the Donbas.  They can have it for a price.

It is not over, but...

Ukraine will rebuild the rest of the country.  Once it is over or at least defined, the people will return; it will eventually reach a stage where if you bomb us we will bomb you too.  Russia's cowardly retreat into just attacking nearby will fail.

Kaliningrad is the reason, over the next few years, that Russia will end up worse than they were before.  In Kaliningrad the communist-style apartment buildings are made to look like native Konigsberg architecture; the Germans were removed and Russians were imported.  The small "oblast" serves as a naval base and reputedly houses nuclear missiles.

Now we can all see the plan, or why it doesn't matter that the population is killed or removed and the city destroyed.  They'll just build a bunch of apartment buildings and bus people in.

It is a grotesque plan and the Europeans (regardless of the borders), like Americans, are probably against that too.  How can that succeed given the culture in Kiev?  We all saw the failure of Plan A.  Plan B is a violent land-grab.

Get out and pound them.  It is dollars, euros, and pounds well spent.

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