Friday, September 18, 2020


Dylan McCaffrey is the part of the team that I really wanted to see this year.  It was so rare, someone who would play only the most humiliating mop-up duty yet stick around for, gosh what is it, four years?

His brothers, and father, are big stars and he was a top recruit too.  It was for good reason:  he is big, he has a strong arm, and he can fly as a runner.

What would have happened?  These things aren't over until their over, so we may still see.  

As we see and learn over and over, these things are usually like the spouse spouse killed by the unknown intruder.  It is usually the husband or wife.

In college sports it is almost always about playing time and being the star.  And it makes sense, these kids are all top recruits or players with major potential.  It is hard as hell to fit in and be pushed by a bunch of professional coaches.  

Michigan football adds an entirely new obstacle that is close to unmatched for college age athletes.  McCaffrey, even with all his talent, always showed a risky side.  His fearless style made him susceptible to injury.  He sometimes seemed to throw the ball to virtually no one.  And his decision making was a question mark.

If he had failed at Michigan Stadium he would be booed mercifully.  After a loss or few more mistakes he would be raked-over in the press, trashed on places like Mgoblog, etc.  

And these are not just college football fans, they are 100K in the stands, one of the biggest alumni groups nationwide, and every game in primetime or national TV.  They are disgruntled fans because Michigan has not been in college football playoff ever and they feel entitled.  They are educated, articulate, and vocal.

That was the question with Dylan McCaffrey.  Would he fail?  If he played, if he survived the whole season and they won, he would be a star.

As is usually the case, it seems to have been done with aplomb.  All is cozy and everyone did the right thing.  Of course anyone whoever attended the school knows that it is a hellhole, athletes are pampered, and the whole thing is probably a coverup.

According to 24/7 it is the 10th anniversary since McCaffrey graduated high school; just kidding.  He has survived the hole for four years and will graduate in December.  While there is always room for a backup, Joe Milton is the starter.  McCaffrey leaves when he chooses in noble fashion.

The season is on, no one is going anywhere until December, so who knows.  Harbaugh too remains relatively above the fray.  His recent comments on Game Day or somewhere were 100% coach-perfect.  At least from a distance, the cold, heartless, and bureaucratic institution has avoided an uprising.  

Harbaugh, and just possibly the McCaffrey family too, continue to put an emphasis on graduation, and that is a fine way to remember Dylan McCaffrey.


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