Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Michigan sports during the virus

This is blog.  You know, web log or "blog."  It is an historical, albeit opinionated, record.

The jury is still out on Juwan Howard and MBB.  One has to read between the lines because "putting your name in" or "mother says he wants to come back" are not done deals, but right now 2020-2021 does not look good.

Who will be back?  Adrien Nunez is arguably the worst player on the team.  He appears, actually he looks as though he may have physical capabilities, but mentally he is almost never in a play and he cannot make a shot.  Apparently he will be back.

To have some returning players is nice, but yet another year of Austin Davis does nothing for me as a potential viewer.  Who else will be on the team for sure next year (i.e., we have not heard anything about them leaving), is Eli Brooks, Brandon Johns, Colin Castleton, and Cole Bejema.  Zeb Jackson is signed.  That makes 7 out of 13.  (Based on playing time and "circumstances, I suspect Castleton will leave; again, no specific reason to assume that).

On the fence/halfway out.  Isaiah Livers has put his name in for the NBA and is likely gone.  I suspect that leaving is likely for Franz Wagner too; he is as good, with as much potential (compared to Livers) plus he has international basketball experience.  The team's best player at the end of the year, David DeJulius has expressed and interest to leave and that seldom is reversed.

I could still be 7/13, without anyone I would say I look forward to seeing them play.  Brooks and Johns are solid and Jackson has potential.

At this moment Isaiah Todd is looking even more iffy.  Apparently M has been removed from his Twitter page.  Five star recruits can be that way, in terms of commitment to the team and years on campus. Ann Arbor, Michigan is not a place I would want to live and Michigan is a tough school.  I absolutely do not see 5-star recruits from distances as long-term solutions.

Let me see, the 7-foot center (Dickinson), the smallish power forward (Williams), the coaches son (Jace).  Who am I missing?  No one.

Tomorrow:  the football team.

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