Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Everybody loves me.

Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky.

Coach Howard has egg on his face.  The whole basketball team, leaving, coming, or staying, is not looking good.  Neither are alumni or fans.  Some, like Sam Webb and 24/7, look worse than others.

I cannot help myself and I am going to post a pictue of Juwan Howard here.  There will always be news at Michigan and this cycle was unusually bad.  It is a 100% self-made flop perpetuated over the course of about six months (that is how long Isaiah Todd was committed).

Right now Howard's gaff is who he is and what he is known for.

To be played by a couple of 18-year olds and have it amplified by the minute over and over again for weeks is not something that will be forgotten because there is also his history.

You know what the sign of a real blogger is?  Never delete or go back and change.  Even after you die.  Blog posts live on.

Some of us, all we had to go on was the real news and the numbers.  Once the toothpaste is out of the tube...  Livers and Wagner looking at the NBA.  Davis and Nunez staying; DeJulius and Castelton leaving.  The one-year transfer from from the Ivy League.  The coach's son and not a lot more guaranteed in terms of new blood.  We were fooled to believe Howard had the answer.

I read the tea leaves wrong.  Davis and Nunez are the future.

There were clues, of course.  It is impossible to tell from tidbits on the web.  One has to form their own opinions.  As always, it helps to look at what is not there.  Quotes I say from his father did not say anything about wanting an education or going to college, but he did mention preparation for "the league."

The two five stars, Todd and Christopher, have not accomplished a thing yet.  To be honest, neither has coach Howard.  Zeb Jackson stuck with it.  Franz Wagner comes from an amazing family and he remained committed too.

This season past was around .500 in the Big Ten.  While not given a ton of roster from Beilein, the team had Teske and Simpson, neither of whom expanded or excelled under Howard, and a few others.  The team showed flashes but they seemed to be exploitable.  My personal guess is that a long run in the tournament was unlikely.  The season was played and don't blame it on the lack of two tournaments--which could have been two games--to change it.

This is what has happened afterward.  Egg.

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